Our mission at Attain is to help improve outcomes for people who access health and social care services. A key enabler of this is helping our clients to make commissioning decisions and design service delivery models in a more joined up, integrated fashion.

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The Five Year Forward View (FYFV) recognises the importance of integration and from our experience working with clients across the county we know that what really matters to service users is:

  • only having to tell their story once
  • a service that fits around their needs, when they need it
  • being involved in decision making

In order to achieve these aims, we recognise that organisations are now looking to bring services together in a more streamlined way and that they want to access the best advice and support they can to make this happen. At Attain we have developed an approach to integrating services and decision making which builds on the FYFV and individual levels of ambition to support clients through this journey.

Our integration offer can spans the lifecycle of activities required to integrate services and can be deployed in whole or part depending on levels of ambition and readiness

Attain integration model

Readiness for integration

In order to ensure that clients fully understand where they currently are on their integration journey and how much further they want/need to go, we have developed a System Maturity Matrix which allows us to work with you to build a baseline and an implementation plan which best suits your local needs. This process is best undertaken though a series of face-to-face discussions and facilitated workshops to ensure consistency of view and a shared start point. Following this process you will be able to identify what key elements of success you already have in place and where else you might need to focus some attention.

Key building blocks of success

We believe there are some key building blocks that need to be in place to ensure that any level of integration is owned by the local area, has service users at its heart and is sustainable and future proof, to deal with whatever the changing health and social care landscape may bring. Our team will work with you to ensure you have the right foundations in place which include:

  • A vision for the future which is clear and understood by all partners
  • Mutual trust across organisations and a framework for risk and benefit sharing
  • A clear implementation and evaluation strategy to maximise impact and evidence success

Turning the vision into reality

Our teams are skilled at turning plans into reality and our organisational structure is designed to meet clients’ needs at every stage of your integration journey. Our end-to-end service offer includes specialist support to:

  • Develop strategic plans and operational strategies
  • Design OD structures and implementation plans
  • Deliver modelling and base-lining to support planning assumptions
  • Manage complex integration programmes and projects
  • Implement a full suite of effective and localised PMO functions and frameworks
  • Deliver hands on project delivery and service pathways redesign
  • Build commercial and contractual models to support integration plans
  • Manage and implement procurement decisions and strategies
  • Build sustainable and cost effective transformation through shared learning
  • Evaluate success and measure impact

The Five Year Forward View triple aim for health and care system performance:

Five Year Forward View model

‘Achieving integrated care requires those involved with planning and providing services to impose the patients’ perspective as the organising principle of service delivery.’

(Shaw et al 2011, after Lloyd and Wait 2005)

Case studies

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