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We are an independent provider of support services and we care passionately about delivering tangible results through effective partnership working.


Acute Care

In our health economy, acute care providers are the cornerstone of secondary and tertiary care. They continue to face quality, financial, demand, estate and workforce challenges that need to be addressed in the short term, whilst simultaneously they are working with system partners to transform service provision and ensure long term sustainability of the health and social care system. Clearly, this is adding to the already difficult balancing act between meeting in-year targets, running daily operations, workforce and financial challenges, and strategic planning. Attain has a track record working across the health and care sector supporting its customers to effectively respond to operational and in-year challenges, in addition to designing and delivering strategic responses to wider system challenges. We work across the health and care sector, with individual organisations and across partner organisations, on various clinical and care priorities.


Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

Attain has transformed mental health and neurodevelopment provision across community, inpatient, specialist and secure settings. Our award-winning team has over 60 years of experience in mental health and learning disabilities and has expertise and skills in relation to operational health and care delivery, patient and public involvement, service transformation, commercial interventions, engagement, contract management, programme and project management and procurement. We have worked with many NHS and local government organisations across England and Wales, including NHS England / Improvement, CCGs, local authorities, local health boards (NHS Wales) specialised commissioning teams, mental health trusts, independent sector providers, and the voluntary sector, covering a population of 13 million; supporting them to commission and deliver outcome-focused mental health services.


Urgent & Emergency Care

We understand priorities that flow through a UEC system and have experience of helping to align these to allow for the collaborative and cooperative service improvement. Attain has extensive experience in providing support to help develop and improve Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) services with individual providers, commissioner and increasingly across health and care systems. Attain has worked extensively with Integrated Care Systems (STPs), Places, Organisations, Vanguards and Urgent and Emergency Care Networks to support tangible, sustainable and cost-effective change with a focus on improving the overall patient experience The delivery of safe, effective and efficient UEC services continues to be a high-profile focus for health economies. The need to deliver key operational targets, operate within budget, slow (or even reverse) increasing demand for high cost services and relieve the growing pressure within the system all while maintaining or improving the quality of care presents a substantial challenge for the NHS. Without coordinated place / system wide change these demands will only increase as demographic, social and other pressures continue to increase. Our approach to this challenge is to support and enable individual organisations to work collaboratively taking a place or system wide perspective and asking all stakeholders to accept and embrace that no single organisation can maintain, improve or deliver an urgent care system in isolation. We believe that only by bringing organisations together to create common goals and objectives, complex UEC system will deliver the outputs that are needed to provide the best possible care to the population it serves. We understand that UEC services permeate into many other areas of focus such as QIPP/CRP, system integration or aligned services such as mental health and long-term conditions. We rely upon our UEC experience to support and guide many other projects and ensure the appropriate connections are made to join up relevant pathways.


Primary Care

Delivery of high-quality, comprehensive, and patient-centred services is our priority. We work with partners across the foundation of healthcare systems, addressing a breadth of health needs and promoting health and wellness for individuals and communities. This includes access (and equity of access), continuity of care, service development (including preventive, promotion, chronic disease management, coordination of care, plus business and management aspects), patient-centred approaches that place patients at the centre of care delivery, quality and safety, coordination and collaboration of care, population health management, and continuous improvement. By focusing on these key principles, Attain and our partners deliver high-quality, patient-centred care that improves health outcomes, enhances patient satisfaction, and contributes to the overall wellbeing of individuals and communities.



Our analytics expertise spans all aspects of health and social care. We work with our partners to provide a single version of the truth. Examples of where we have done this include modelling hospital capacity for transforming hospital sites and supporting elective recovery, to inform clinically-led decision making. Attain has in-depth workforce experience leading to dashboard design that brings together all elements of the NHS and social care workforce, not only for staff in post but exploring vacancy rates, organisational risk and staff profiles. This enables decision makers to be confident they have a single view of the workforce. Our teams have worked with mental health and community providers to review services, and we have been part of an award-winning project, with NHS Berkshire, to model the workforce to support neurodivergent populations. We use a variety of tools combined with our detailed knowledge to model primary care workforce, assess digital inclusion, model cancer equipment requirements and support large scale transformation programmes. Our group of analysts have helped providers and systems to understand their data, analyse their commonalities and predict what might happen in the future by producing comprehensive and complex analysis and models up and down the country


Diagnostics & Cancer

Attain works with cancer alliances, providers and commissioners across the country. We have supported the development and delivery of plans to meet local and national priorities including early diagnosis, improved outcomes from treatments and personalised care. We support the development of sustainable models of care which are evidence-based and informed by local data. Our focus is always on the patient’s experience and improving outcomes. We have experience of working across cancer alliances, STPs, ICSs, places, and with individual providers to support strategy development, system-wide modelling and deliver transformational change. We understand the national priorities aligned to cancer services, and the requirement to work across organisational boundaries to make sustainable improvements.



Attain has a strong track-record of integrating care at system, place, and neighbourhood levels; from supporting the development of Integrated Care Systems to implementing multidisciplinary teams located in neighbourhood hubs. Our experience has shown that integration will only move as fast as trust can be developed between people and must be supported by collective responsibility and governance to give the structure enabling frontline teams to change the way in which they work. We help by developing shared leadership and strategy, establishing formal governance arrangements, and engaging the workforce with the requisite change.


Technology Enabled Change

Digital Technology has, until recently, played a supporting role for the NHS; it is now an integral component of healthcare itself. We have helped many organisations, including NHS Digital to create a digital environment that compliments all parts of the patient pathway. Digital technology in the NHS is the foundation to transforming and helping the NHS to deliver world class care. It has been recognised as a significant component of the Long Term Plan and the response to Covid-19 has demonstrated how fundamental digital technologies have become; this cultural shift is now irreversible. Attain have a long track record of helping organisations across health and social care as well as systems deliver on their priorities. This is based on our deep rooted clinical and operational expertise and in depth understanding of the role of technology to meet the challenges of health and care provision.


Planned Care

We have extensive experience in developing sustainable and cost effective change within planned care, through the development and rigorous testing of innovative approaches. Attain has extensive experience in developing sustainable and cost effective change within planned care through the development and rigorous testing of innovative approaches to manage demand and referrals, transforming outpatient services, improving patient experience and access and offering more integrated person centred care. The demand for NHS and planned care service continues to grow as a result of a growing and ageing population, with increased visibility of unmet need and with the expansion of the frontiers of medical science and innovation. The Long Term Plan has committed to the reduction of face to face appointments by 30% which outlines the scale of the challenge ahead. This presents a unique opportunity to radically redesign services across systems so that people get the right care at the right time in the optimal care setting. Plus, fundamentally redesigning outpatient services so that both patients’ time and specialists’ expertise are used more appropriately. This commitment will act as the catalyst for innovation though the implementation of streamlined planned care pathways, which harness optimisation of all staff and their skills through new delivery and workforce models. It will also drive a fundamental redesign of outpatient and elective pathways with full exploitation of a range of digital solutions.



Our specialist team has a track record of supporting all types of NHS organisations to identify and assess workforce risks before they arise, effectively respond to the most urgent operational challenges and design and deliver longer term fully workable solutions for safe staffing. In our health economy, workforce pressures have become the most significant barrier to delivering safe and sustainable services. With more than 44,000 reported nurse vacancies – a number which could grow to 100,000 by 2030 – the challenges are clearly national but are most pressing within hospitals and other local front line services. This commitment will act as the catalyst for innovation though the implementation of streamlined planned care pathways, which harness optimisation of all staff and their skills through new delivery and workforce models. It will also drive a fundamental redesign of outpatient and elective pathways with full exploitation of a range of digital solutions.


Commercial Advisory & Regulatory Support

Attain provides a commercial advisory and regulatory support service that enables NHS organisations to deliver their core strategy within the current policy and legal context. Our offer delivers a considered application of current and future Procurement regulations through innovative approaches, due diligence and compliant routes to market. This often requires us to design governance and delivery structures that incorporate Provider Selection Regime processes and non-clinical routes to market. Using due diligence and commercial rigour we support the robust selection of the provider partners, ensuring an integrated approach to care and provision which delivers value and measurable outcomes. We understand the local nature of care delivery and support the better integration of services through brokering better relationships. This includes the development of commercial relationships for an outcomes-based approach focused on care. Our highly experienced and adaptable team, many of whom have CIPS accreditation has a combined track record of delivering in excess of 700 health and care service interventions, with a total value of over £3bn.

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