Jack Bramhall


Jack Bramhall on his first 30 days at Attain.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I have been working in healthcare for over 15 years across my hometown of Birmingham. I have worked in a wide variety of operational roles within a large tertiary trust, where I have been fortunate to have been involved in and led on some interesting and complex large scale projects. Most recently I have led on elective recovery across a system footprint. I have a real passion for improving health services for patients and delivering positive change for the development of others.

Outside of work, I really enjoy good food and drink so love to explore Birmingham’s independent scene. I love to cook and enjoy watching pretty much all sport.

How have your first 30 days been at Attain?

My first 30 days have been fantastic. A really thorough and supported induction period has allowed me to meet everyone and get to understand the breadth of work being delivered. Everyone has been gracious with their time and been very warm and welcoming. I have been made to feel very welcome and have felt part of the team immediately.

What attracted you to Attain?

Coming from an NHS background, it was important to me to work for an organisation that values the NHS and works with NHS partners collaboratively to the benefit of patients. Equally important was an organisation whose value set matched my own. It is clear from the outset that Attain’s core values are not just for show and are reflected in everything they do.

What’s the best thing about being employed with Attain?

The people. The breadth and depth of knowledge across the team is amazing; there is a wide range of experience, yet everyone’s voice and opinion is equally valued. From day one, everyone has been so supportive and reached out to welcome me to the team and offer their support. The people have made the transition seamless.

What do you hope the future brings for you with Attain?

I hope that I can add value to both the organisation and the NHS partners we work with. I am looking forward to working with a diverse range of clients and to collaboratively help them deliver positive change for them and their patients.

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