VitruCare Implementation: Heartbeat Alliance


VitruCare Implementation

Heartbeat Alliance


Attain was asked to implement and mobilise the delivery of a new App – VitruCare for the Heartbeat Alliance.

  • VitruCare is a web based windows health application that is designed to support people with long term conditions using a tool that also “writes” to the patients GP/Practice Nurse records. ​
  • The premise is to support patients to better self-manage their health and to alert GP/Nurses of any deterioration which will help early intervention and prevent crisis.​
  • The app will also allow access to carers, wider family and other professionals to join the network by a request from the patient. This is particularly helpful if family are a distance away.

What we did

We provided the following support;

  • Thorough stakeholder management; every GP surgery agreeing to use the app, VitruCare was demonstrated at 22 GP surgeries across North Yorkshire
  • IG agreements were developed and signed off to allow the app access
  • Identification of specified GPs and Nurses, responsible for regularly monitoring the patients using the app and to ensure any support is supplied in a timely way
  • Facilitated teaching sessions with patients agreeing to use VitruCare and surgery staff in using the tool
  • Organised and facilitated the asset control of laptops/iPads for use within surgeries

Our impact

Our results included;

  • Patients can leave messages, requests for non-urgent help and any recording of blood sugar, blood pressure or weight for example so that tracking of progress can be seen both by the patients and the GP/Nurse
  • Organised and obtained IG agreement and sign up for the 17 surgeries who decided to use VitruCare
  • Organised for IT connectivity to be achieved through the N3 connection or the practices to enable interoperability with VitruCare
  • Demonstrated the tool to community and voluntary groups

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