Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust



  • Enable the Trust to understand the current workforce position including their SIP, Establishment, vacancy rates, worked FTEs over time and turnover by staff groups
  • Support the region in their aim of shaping care together
  • Assess the risk now, and using projections and benchmarks, around their workforce when it comes to services.


What we did

  • We collated and analysed all local sources of data, carefully working through reconciling leger and ESR into comprehensive data view of the entire workforce of the hospital.
  • We used national data and created mapping, analysed the position against high performing peers to underpin any significant gaps.
  • We gave a forecasted position using this alongside HEE growth projections, as part of a heat map approach and then dovetailed this with local risk assessments and engagement to form a rounded view of workforce risk
  • Published a detailed report, by service area, detailing the above and making recommendations for how the risk areas might be approached.


Our Impact

  • The report was used across the area to form the basis for conversations regarding the staff profiles in at risk areas
  • Led to a larger review, including activity and estates modelling, so that those workforce findings could be correlated with overall risk and solutions
  • The adoption of different role types and staffing models to underpin some of the more challenged areas across the hospital
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