Sheffield Integrated Care Partnership (ICP): Yorkshire and North East England


Sheffield Integrated Care Partnership (ICP)

Yorkshire and North East England


Attain was commissioned by the six-major health and care organisations in Sheffield to support the development of an Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) for the City.

The support covered three key phases from inception through to delivery, including:

Working with senior stakeholders (at a Chief Exec level) to broker consensus around the options for the ICP.

Agreeing the ICP’s vision, scope, and priorities, and developing an appropriate governance structure.

Mobilising the ICP, agreeing key outcomes measures, and developing the transformation programme in line with the Sheffield place-based plan.

What we did

Our support involved;

  • Establishing a number of core design principles and ‘red lines’ to underpin the development of the ICP, which were shaped around the triple aim and the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System (ICS).
  • Working with Chief Execs to explore a long list of potential models, informed by national and international best practice.
  • Establishing the governance structure of the ICP, working with system leaders to develop terms of reference and a MoU.
  • Reviewing the transformation programmes across the City, prioritising areas that would benefit most from an integrated approach and developing an outcomes framework to measure the impact of the ICP.

Our impact

Our results included;

  • Attain successfully supported the Sheffield care economy to establish its ICP.
  • Improved relationships through closer, integrated working, and ‘tough’ issues are now aired and resolved for the benefit of local people.
  • Developed a shared and integrated transformation programme across the city, aligned to the Sheffield place-based plan and objectives of the ICP.

“Attain provided invaluable support from initial inception through to the implementation of a fully functioning partnership. They built a culture of integrated working and deliver tangible improvements for the people of Sheffield.”

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