Primary care at scale business case review: Norwich CCG


Primary care at scale business case review

Norwich CCG


Attain was commissioned to review the business case and proposed business model created by the Norwich primary care federation​.

This included:

  • Reviewing the legal advice previously obtained by the federation organisation to understand their response​
  • Provide a justified synopsis appraisal of the option and desired outcome(s) / timelines​

What we did

Our support included:

Provided a detailed understanding of the outcomes desired, by:

  • • Merging existing primary care contracts (both GMS and PMS) into an organisation that operated primary care at scale​
    • Using the current organisational form and partner limitations to derive a solution
  • Developed an objective review of the legal advice received previously​
  • Created a series of risks, caveats, acceptances, understandings and details that were critical to success​
  • Created a document that explained and graphically demonstrated all of these options and routes in a simplistic and condensed manner​

Our impact

Our results included:

  • Reported all risks and caveats to ensure greater understanding and potential pitfalls ​
  • Reports and documents were created, shared and tele-conferenced with clients to communicate the outcomes and their next steps both internally and with partners including NHS England​

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