Online Support and Clinical Advice Resource (OSCAR): North Kirklees CCG


Online Support and Clinical Advice Resource (OSCAR)

North Kirklees CCG


Attain was commissioned by the CCG to design, develop and implement OSCAR.

This is an open access website, supported by an App that hosts all clinical guidance and commissioning policies across two CCGs, which was developed to: ​

  • Provide rapid easy access to up to date evidence based guidance
  • Support clinical decision making at the point of care
  • Ensure patients receives timely health care at the right place
  • Reduce referral variation and improve patient safety
  • Assist in building a referral support approach

What we did

OSCAR was implemented in 4 key stages, each underpinned by robust project management and clinically led task and finish groups. ​

The whole project was clinically led, and the lead clinicians were pivotal to the system design and pathway development process. ​The stages included;

  • Stage 1 –  Infrastructure and Procurement of content management system
  • Stage 2 – Content development​ – Development of Assurance Framework and supporting documents. Mapping of all local Pathways
  • Stage 3 – Assurance & Sustainability ​- Development of promotional materials and OSCAR App​
  • Stage 4 – Embed & Evolve ​- Implementation of Development & Assurance Group and alignment to Referral Support System ​

Our impact

The site now hosts 90 Care Pathways, 50 commissioning statements and a wealth of additional supporting guidance, with another 90+ pathways currently in development. ​Our results also include;

  • Reduction in referral mistakes and reduced point of contact by creating a standardised way of carrying out referrals by providing accessible evidence-based information
  • Provides a measurable referral ‘standard’ and reduces ‘inappropriate’ referrals
  • Improved equity of care by reducing clinical variation in referrals made, with over 6000 users across the health economy, 112 Care Pathways and 50 Commissioning
  • Statements developed and published with a further 90 developed awaiting assurance process sign off
  • Improved safety by ensuring clear referrals processes are in place to ensure patients that required referral, receive one.
  • Care became more patient centric using OSCAR to support clinical decision-making GP and patients in shared decision making
  • Supports clinical ownership and partnership working between primary & secondary care
  • Supported referral standardisation and reduced variation
  • Skills were transferred across groups of professionals by training workforce on OSCAR, training of TRISH Senior Manager and of Clinical Editor and intensive training of OSCAR lead.
  • Created governance arrangements to ensure ownership and future delivery of work by identifying individuals to lead OSCAR developments and as 82 GP Practices have signed up to using the new infrastructure.

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