Nightingale Hospital Exeter Clinical & PMO Workstream



Attain was commissioned by Devon STP to support the design and build of the Nightingale Field Hospital serving SW England COVID-19 patients through providing a range of support

Programme Management and project support roles for key workstreams such as the clinical design and operations.

Leadership roles in the form of SRO and deputy SRO for operations cell to lead the operations planning, and preparation.

Strategic Programme Management to establish and lead the central PMO and co-ordinate all reporting, assurance processes.  System-wide resilience and recovery planning.

Analytical modelling support for the local hospital surge capacity and community beds.


What We Did

Clinical model – programme managed the design of the clinical model, clinical pathways and planning expected demand to “right size” the hospital. Led the team of clinical specialists to develop procedural documentation and test pathways and flows ready for implementation.

Operations – led the translation from theoretical clinical pathway design into NHE operational management.

PMO – Established the strategic PMO, developed the critical path and managed interdepencies.  Oversight of national and regional situation reporting and assurance processes.  Planning the detailed installation and set-up to fit-out the hospital ready to receive patients.

Analytical modelling to support the modelling team in the analysis of COVID demand and local surge capacity.


Our Impact

Delivery – the hospital was completed and fitted-out by 6th July.

Delivery – the clinical model was signed off by the national team on 6th May.

Delivery – system resilience plans agreed, including:

  • Trigger points for activation of the hospital
  • Stand-up / stand-down planning processes
  • Utilisation of the Nightingale CT scanner for system recovery work
  • System-wide plans for cohorting COVID-19 patients
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