Mobilisation of an Integrated Care System for Devon CCG



Attain was commissioned by NHS Devon CCG to support the CCG mobilisation and transition to an Integrated Care System for Devon on 1st July 2022

The objectives were to develop a transition process which engaged with all staff groups to ensure organisational development was part of the functional transition

The role of Attain was to coordinate CCG action in accordance with NHSEI processes to ensure due diligence was rigorously completed and readiness to operate as an Integrated Care Board evidenced prior to securing regional sign-off.


What we did

We approached the programme with a PMO+ mindset – creating a traditional programme structure with proportionate workload for workstream leads and teams in light of significant operational pressures.

We engaged with a wide group of staff to ensure everyone had the time to consider what system working will mean to them, and allay any concerns.

We scoped and planned each workstream ensuring a sharp focus on the critical path with system stakeholder engagement.

Attain was the single point of contact for NHSEI for the Devon system; acting as the safety net for the ICS, creating the rulebook and processes and helping break new ground.


Our Impact

We obtained ICS sign-off from the NHSEI Regional Director with rigorous due diligence and a strong audit trail of ICS readiness.

We took staff on the ICS journey by being an integral part of the team and mapping staff activities and holding regular drop-in sessions and briefing widely across the CCG and system.

We received strong assurance from the internal auditors for the transition process ensuring confidence in our client.

We created robust organisation memory in the transition, ensuring the ICS will launch on a strong footing harnessing the expertise and experience of the former CCG and with greater system involvement.

Always on top of their brief and have undoubtedly contributed to bringing our team together in such a positive way.

Judy Hargadon
Non-Executive Director

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