Mental health performance mapping for shared outcomes model: West Yorkshire Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguard


Mental health performance mapping for shared outcomes model

West Yorkshire Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguard


In the Yorkshire and North East region, Attain were engaged by the West Yorkshire Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguard to develop a shared outcomes model for mental health services. The Standard Outcomes Model offered the opportunity to impact how crisis care was delivered in the region.

This project was part of a wider interest in developing new ways of enhancing the coordination of services and reducing pressures on A&E.

More specifically, the project aimed to strengthen access to mental health services. It was part of West Yorkshire’s Urgent Emergency Care vanguard programme and serves as a blueprint to the other care sectors within its footprint.

West Yorkshire mental health leaders had five main targets to focus on:

  1. Elimination of out of area placements
  2. Reduction of unnecessary Mental Health A&E attendance
  3. Reduction of S136 Place of Safety episodes
  4. Avoidance of unnecessary emergency responses
  5. Reduction of suicides.

What we did

Our support included:

  • Engaging with a cross sector of local community and emergency services stakeholders (i.e. all CCGs and mental health providers, the police, fire and rescue and ambulance services) to determine strategic intent and evaluate the level of ambition and commitment to shared commissioning.
  • Undertaking a comprehensive review on local, national and international best practice as well as local service mapping, underpinned by national guidance and mapped against the identified shared outcomes.
  • Analysing current performance in detail for five outcomes around West Yorkshire, and analysing existing capacity, activity levels and patient population served by the West Yorkshire Mental Health FTs.
  • Working in partnership with the wider West Yorkshire Urgent Emergency Care vanguard to ensure connectivity across the system and ownership of the shared outcomes.

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