Kent and Medway Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism Stocktake


Attain was commissioned by Kent and Medway ICB to undertake a review of its Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism (MHLDA) Provider Collaborative Board (PCB). The objectives of the project were to review the ‘health’ of the portfolio of programmes that make up the work of the provider collaborative, assess the maturity of each of the constituent programme areas, and develop a coherent plan of all the programmes being delivered by the PCB.


What we did

  1. Used a programme and project toolkit to review of all key documentation and strategy relating to the PCB’s portfolio.
  2. Reviewed the programme plans, risk registers and other key programme assets.
  3. Interviewed the programme managers of each area, as well as the PCB’s leadership.
  4. Developed a coherent view of the portfolio, a single plan, and areas for future development (both strategic and tactical).



  • We delivered a report used by the PCB’s leadership to review the scope, plans and progress of its constituent programmes, including CMH, dementia, CYP, LDA, urgent care and IAPT.
  • This highlighted that there was learning already being acted on, but also that there were opportunities to streamline the portfolio, improve the allocation of resources and work with each programme area to build consistency.
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