Great Yarmouth & Waveney Community Services Tender: James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Norfolk


Great Yarmouth & Waveney Community Services Tender

James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Norfolk


Attain was commissioned by James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to support them in tendering for adult community services and specialist palliative care services.

As part of this, we;

  • Reviewed the services in scope of the procurement, CCG priority interests, current service provision landscape and locality profiles across the local health and care system.
  • Collaborated with clinical, operational and executive teams to design a new model of care relevant to the local health and care context.
  • Guided the client through the procurement process and addressed the requirements for each procurement phase, to propose a sustainable solution for the local health and care system in line with broader integration aspirations.

What we did

We provided the following support:

  • Applied expert system and corporate knowledge, project management and stakeholder engagement approaches to guide the client through all phases of the procurement process.
  • Built an ‘as is’ costings model from limited data from incumbent providers and applied benchmarking assumptions. Built locality profiles to inform the development of a new model of care.
  • Strategically, identified the most competitive commercial position for the trust, including a review of partnership options and levels of integration.
  • Drew on best practice and the trust’s strengths to develop a locality based, integrated community care model co-designed clinical and operations leaders across the trust.
  • Translated the conceptual clinical model into financial and workforce requirements to inform operational planning.
  • Outlined key risks, considerations and proposed actions for mobilisation phases.
  • Supported internal communications to manage staff expectations and ensure buy-in.

Our impact

Our results included;

  • Guided and co-ordinated the trust to develop a comprehensive and competitive submission, across all corporate and clinical workstreams.
  • We provided end to end support through the procurement process.
  • Developed a new integrated and holistic model of care for adult community services. Includes improved effectiveness of some services currently delivered by the trust.
  • Received positive feedback and support from executive, operational, corporate and clinical staff to deliver the model should the contract be awarded to JPUHT.
  • Achieved high levels of clinical and operational engagement and effective collaboration processes internally.
  • Supported the trust on a transition form an acute hospital focussed culture to a more integrated approach to care delivery, with a breadth of health and care partnerships and placing a greater value upon involving service users in co-design.

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