Diagnostic Training Academies


Attain has supported three regions to undertake option development for future diagnostic imaging and endoscopy academies, working with the regional NHSE teams. We are still supporting implementation of an endoscopy academy.

The regions supported are North East and Yorkshire, South East and the Midlands.


Attain has support three regions to conduct scoping exercises to establish the future models for endoscopy and imaging academies:

Review diagnostic training capacity and provision across regions to understand the potential demand for endoscopy and imaging academies.

Establish the current diagnostics curriculum approach to consider future training framework.

Establish the current diagnostics training infrastructure, including workforce, equipment and physical space, to assess future ability to increase training capacity


What we did

Attain engaged with all training programmes to understand the existing provision through collating multiple data sources and held in-depth interviews with local operational and management teams at each Trust to validate capacity.

Established the national guidelines for qualifications and identify possible future configurations of delivery models..

Review the curriculum in place and modes of training across each site to assess the potential to delvier robust and effective training of future cohorts.


Our Impact

Built a common understanding of diagnostic training provision across the regions and the acute providers.

Develop a short list of academy models for imaging and endoscopy training that would deliver the national criteria.

Undertook an options appraisal for each region against standard criteria to inform implementation of the proposed models.

Developed implementation frameworks for each region to establish their academies with full engagement of local providers, including considerations of workforce, equipment and capital funding requirements.

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