Building a system wide workforce dashboard – Barking, Havering and Redbridge



Attain was commissioned by Barking, Havering and Redbridge Academy to create  a cross-system workforce dashboard to support strategic planning.

We worked with system providers to shape and deliver an IG agreement to enable full information sharing. This has enabled the flow of multi-organisation person-level workforce information, including key demographic data, to support workforce strategies and operational improvement.

Design and deliver online dashboard built in Power BI and accessible in a secure format only to those who need access.

Support with analytics using the dashboard to analyse workforce data for the system in order to support transformation plans and to inform subsequent analysis.


What we did

Facilitated workshops with a wide range of stakeholders to define and agree IG, agrees scope and direction of dashboard.

Worked to define data collection and access data with acute, mental health, social care and primary care colleagues. Incorporated skills for care data to capture private and third sector social care inputs.

Built an iterative dashboard that started out with high level analysis and developed a suite of more detailed insights including staff turnover and AHPs.

Ran a number of large demos to shape the capability of the tool and to gain wider buy in from across the BHR area and beyond.


Our impact

Built a strong, cross system team  that worked together with a common goal to agree technical details like IG as well as design the interface linked to strategic end goals of the dashboard.

Instigated a system-wide IG agreement covering the sharing of employee data from all health and care organisations, signed by NHS, social care and the majority of 116 GP practices.

Engaged with a very broad cross section of the system through demos and other education sessions.

Supported the system to ask the right questions of their workforce data and showed what analysis they could generate. Enabled system leaders to view workforce data by population category e.g. Children & Young People, as well as by organisation or department, to support truly integrated service planning.


“Attain have been an exemplary partner in developing, building and deploying the workforce dashboard. This has provided BHR with a ground breaking tool – a single version of the truth – to drive workforce strategies and operational improvement, valued by all of our health and care partners. The workforce dashboard is now generating national interest.”

Alison Crewe, BHR Health & Care Academy Director

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