Attain was commissioned by NHS Devon ICB to support development of their five Local Care Partnerships (LCP) in alignment with the requirements of the Health and Care Act. ​The objectives of the project were to:

  • Develop an LCP development framework to set the strategic direction for place-based partnerships in Devon over the short, medium, and long-term.
  • Support LCPs to translate the framework into tangible action through delivery plans that both accelerate their maturity and support system-wide NOF4 recovery.​
  • Explore how best to uphold the principle of ‘primacy of place’ through development of a bespoke delegation framework – a key principle of the Devon ICP Operating Model.


What we did

  1. Created a bespoke LCP maturity matrix and assisted LCPs to self-assess against it to understand the current state.​
  2. Developed an LCP development plan and roadmap setting out critical steps towards the desired future state.​
  3. Mapped commissioned services across the new ICS footprint to define which functions and activities might best be delivered at Place. ​
  4. Refined governance to ensure all partners play a role in the codesign of strategic and operational activity. ​
  5. Created workplans for each LCP prioritising what needs to be delivered in the here and now in order to turn the dial on system performance.



  • We were able to evidence increased LCP maturity through improved internal processes, relationships, and alignment of partners in delivery.​
  • We developed a delegation framework setting out which functions and activities are suitable for delegation, and the handover activities required for successful delegation from the ICB to LCPs. ​
  • We aligned the work of LCPs with Provider Collaboratives by working alongside the emerging Provider Collaborative Executives and aligning development processes. ​
  • We made tangible progress toward adopting the ICS Operating Model, demonstrating true evolution of the ICS.
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