Our values and culture

Our values are at the heart of what we do, how we make decisions and how we behave. Our values guide and inspire our organisation, are enduring and absolute. We depend on the dedication, enthusiasm and alignment to our values by our team, to deliver consistently high quality services. Our customers and new recruits consistently cite our values as the key factor that sets Attain apart.

We strive to nurture a powerful blend of public sector and commercial values, reflected in every aspect of our work from shaping our recruitment process to the passion for healthcare we exhibit on delivery. Our values support the strong focus we have on delivering results, ensuring value for money and improving patients’ experience of health care.

Our values are evident throughout each level of staff within the organisation and are enhanced by our commitment to ensuring we remain focused on embedding and developing the values as the ‘heart’ of our organisation through our internal Values Team. This team acts as champions for and enablers of Attains’ values, ensuring the business successfully supports and lives its values.

Our values

  • Impact

    The delivery of tangible results.

  • Transparency

    Value through a competitive cost base and an attractive commercial stance that has transparency at its heart.

  • Wellbeing

    Being open and honest in all that we do. Understanding the needs of both our customers and staff and providing a supportive work environment and sustainable work-life balance.

  • Community

    Working together with shared interests. Listening and engaging with all parties internal and external.

  • Responsiveness

    Flexibility to respond to specific and changing requirements.

  • Rigour

    An evidenced based approach that leads to confidence and conviction in outcomes. A willingness to constructively challenge and develop solutions rather than simply highlighting problems.

Our charity partners

“I love the variety my job offers. The opportunities created by Attain’s operating model enable me to feel that I am doing my bit in regards to helping patients get the healthcare they need.

Charles KiraboManager – Procurement

“Attain is a great organisation, with a positive, value-driven and collaborative culture that gets the best out of the people that work within it – ultimately, this translates into better results and outcomes for the clients and patients we deliver for.”

Ryan IrwinSenior Manager – Service Transformation

“Since joining Attain in November 2014 I have been continually impressed by my colleagues, from a range of professional backgrounds, who are all mutually respectful of each other and each individual’s contribution. Each day I have the opportunity to contribute to improving healthcare services from within Attain, whose vision and values echo my own. It really is that good!”

Rita TrawarthaSenior Manager – Service Transformation

“My colleagues at Attain, without exception, embody the values that have defined the NHS ever since its foundation in 1948. It is the combination of those values and beliefs, and having colleagues who are the best in their fields, that makes working at Attain a genuine pleasure.”

Stuart DrydenManager – Contract and Provider Management

“I was struck by the clear vision of the organisation to ensure that intelligent commissioning sits at the heart of the health and social care agenda and the skills and experiences Attain has to make this happen.”

Kevin EdwardsAssociate Director – Procurement