System leadership

Leadership for transformation

At a time of unprecedented whole system transformation of our health and social care systems, leaders are preparing to forge a path of strategic, behavioural and structural change in their organisations. Requiring a different approach to leadership than historically adopted, leaders are working working across organisational, professional and geographic, boundaries to drive innovation and the transformation agenda. They are forging new and untrodden paths through a policy vacuum, whilst securing the trust and loyalty of their teams and taking managed risks. Although these are exciting times to be a leader in the NHS and social care, the pressures are immense and leaders need to be supported with the tools to think systematically, engender a culture of collaboration and work in partnership.

We are working with parties across health and social care, including with the third sector and regulators, to drive system-wide transformational change. Attain’s delivery focus and values-based relationships lend themselves to practical support, strategic planning and coaching.

System leadership model
system leadership model

Case studies

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