Turning data into insights: Attain’s Strategy Analytics in action

“Using data, we can determine what care is working well and what needs to be improved, allowing patients, clinicians and commissioners to compare the quality and efficiency of care in different parts of the country.”

Dr Lewis, Chief Data Officer, NHS England

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The Five Year Forward view sets the tone for system wide transformation, and good, accessible information and data will need to be at the centre of its design and delivery. Goals are no longer just focused on financial targets but rather outcomes, and care planning will need to exceed the traditional organisational barriers and focus on population needs. Furthermore, commissioners, providers, government, local authorities, independent and voluntary sector organisations, patients and clinicians are being asked to work together and develop stronger partnerships, putting care and well-being at the very centre of the health and social care system, underpinned by quality, safety and financial sustainability.

So how do we go about it?

Attain’s Strategy Team combines years of public and private sector experience of deriving insights from data to inform strategy, planning, design and decision making. We help you understand what is happening today and the impact of the challenges ahead.

In this section of our website, you will be able to find interactive examples of our analytical work developed to help support STP, CCG and provider strategy development and planning. These include:

The STP population growth dashboard

The STP population growth dashboard shows population growth at STP level, helping to understand future pressures that will drive demand for health and social care in each the 44 Sustainability & Transformation Plan footprints. These include migration, births, deaths and population ageing.

The inpatient activity metrics dashboard

The inpatient activity metrics dashboard provides an overview of current levels of activity, waiting times and types of procedures performed at each trust, as well as a regional and national comparison. This allows us to explore sources of pressure on the system, evidenced by long waiting times and high demand for particular services.

Using these dashboards, you will be able to understand current activity levels and the future pressures that will drive demand for health and social care locally. The dashboards can also be used to benchmark, allowing you to compare your population trends and inpatient activity levels with other areas and/or providers.

Please note these are sample dashboards, Attain offers a much broader and comprehensive Strategy Analytics solutions, bespoke to our client’s needs. Please contact Matt Jones if you would like to know more about our Strategy Analytics service offering.