Performance Dashboard Development

Our interactive performance dashboards draw together information and metrics from a number of sources into a single, integrated tool that provides CCGs with ‘one version of the truth’ – supporting effective commissioning decision making and performance management against a variety of indicators (for example Commissioning Outcomes Indicators).

The dashboards we have developed for CCGs are capable of distilling large and complex data sets into readily accessible information, and are visually powerful with intuitive and easy to understand views. They allow CCGs to monitor ‘live’ metrics from multiple sources simultaneously and spot trends over time – enabling CCGs to take action to address any performance concerns before they become a serious problem.

Dashboards are bespoke to the needs of individual CCGs, and the information within them can be further customised to suit different audiences within the CCG itself – from a Board level through to sub committees and individual GPs. They also enable users to manipulate data into a variety of graphs and tables, as well as drilling down into individual data sets to suit their specific needs.

Using a flexible and interactive software application, our dashboards sit on top of your existing data systems, are quick and easy to develop, and require minimal additional investment. They can also be developed and improved over time – enabling you to add more views as your requirements change or data from different sources becomes more readily available.