Evaluating and embedding social impact


This solution:

  • Offers clients an understanding of how their ‘Out Of Hospital’ strategic decisions need to be aligned with the Social Value Act 2012 requiring public bodies to consider how the services they commission and procure might improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of the area
  • Supports and guides clients through key social value and impact along the journey towards increasing community care provision
  • Evidence based measurement of the local money flow and impact’ helping to understand how clients can strengthen their local economy, including health, social care and the voluntary sector

Our experience

  • Experience of  JSNA development to ensure the coordinated and integrated delivery of health and social care
  • Development of strategies  for how GP practices can work with social care teams to review patients at risk of becoming ill in new care settings
  • Understanding ways to harness the wider community through co-design with providers, partners and with local community
  • An understanding of how public health can help with assisting the move  of acute services to community care
  • Risk stratification processes for GP practices and multidisciplinary teams to review patients at risk of becoming ill
  • Experience of delivering social prescribing schemes, really engaging and aligning the voluntary sector in meaningful ways


  • Modelling (risk stratification) – predicative modelling of public health prevention
  • Economic Impact – measurement that helps understand the proposed consequences of the actions public bodies take to address the social needs that have been identified, for example measuring of the multiplier effect of income into a health economy through analysis of an organisations current and proposed spending so as to demonstrate the local economic impact of increased community care provision
  • Procurement delivery – Care Closer To Home/Community Derm/with public health representation

Case studies

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