Developing person-centred care plans and approaches


We firmly believe that true transformation needs a person-centred approach. We champion NHS England’s “Transforming Participation in Health and Care” and “Patients in Control”, ensuring that people have an active involvement in their care decisions.

Our team of experts in person-centred care can work with you to:

  • Co-design care plan templates which support an integrated approach to care
  • Leverage the value of the voluntary sector through schemes, such as, social prescribing
  • Develop models of care based on holistic, personal care plans

Our experience

Our team of experts have a proven track record developing Integrated Care Plans in North West London, working with frontline practitioners in health, social care and the voluntary sector to develop whole systems care planning operating models and developing personal care planning models for care closer to home.


Engagement – we promote a culture of listening, interacting with people, and deeply understanding people’s experiences. This leads to better designed, person-centred services that deliver better care.

Person-centred redesign – identifying patients’ and carers’ vision for change means we can truly co-design care plans. Future service redesign is clinically-led, but collaboratively developed with patients, carers, health and social care staff across the system.

Technology adoption – we embrace technology to reach out and engage with patients, using apps, social media and direct feedback of patient experience, to mobilise “communities” around change. We measure the impact of true person-centred outcome.

Case studies

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