Developing an evidence base for decision making


Our evidence base solution aims to:

  • Provide robust analysis to support informed decision making
  • Support the evaluation of options by modelling potential impacts
  • Understand whole system impact
  • Provide the justification and rationale for any change

Our experience

Our team members have delivered innovative work across England including:

  • Care Closer to Home (CC2H) – North East Essex CCG
  • Primary and urgent care system model for a North of England CCG
  • Acute to community shift – Wigan CCG
  • Demand and capacity modelling for a North of England CCG
  • Transforming services together – drafting workforce strategies for 14 clinical work streams to deliver future activity within a constrained cost envelope


We have a wide range of techniques and approaches:

  • Demand and capacity modelling
  • System modelling
  • Activity shift modelling
  • Forecasting

We have extensive knowledge of best practice, case studies and benchmarking and robust quality assurance processes including delivery management and assurance and peer review.

Case studies

Read about some of our projects in Out of Hospital Care