NHS Doncaster CCG – Adult Mental Health Services Review

What was the project?

Undertake a review of mental health services, which included:

  • Delivery models and pathways employed by its main providers, including objectives and rationale.
  • Patient activity including demand and need for services
  • The quality of services provided by its main providers including improved information on outcomes for patients and key clinical and reputational risks

Present and future commissioning arrangements particularly:

  • Investment profile and priorities
  • The implementation of mental health PbR and the risks associated with this
  • Joint commissioning arrangements with the local authority and with NHS England including joint approaches to investment.

How did we approach it?

Developed an approach that engaged and involved all key stakeholders through a variety of workshops, individual meetings and focus groups that addresses the following questions:

  • What are the strategic imperatives for the CCG?
  • What are the concerns about the current service provision?
  • What are the positives about the current service provision?
  • What alternative providers are available in the market at present and how is the market likely to evolve in future?
  • How do we get to the end state?


  • We provided a framework for developing an outcomes based planning, contracting and monitoring tool
  • We recommended service design improvements that would deliver enhanced quality and outcomes for patients, clinicians, service users and their carers.
  • We recommended efficiencies and investment priorities that would secure better value for patients and budget holders
  • We created an implementation plan and commissioning workforce model that would deliver contracting and improver provider relationship management.