Acute Care

In our health economy, acute providers are the cornerstone of secondary and tertiary care. It is no secret they are facing quality, financial, demand, estate and workforce challenges that need to be addressed in the short term whilst simultaneously being asked to work with system partners to transform service provision and ensure long term sustainability of the health and social care system.

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Sustainability and Transformation Plans, accountable care, new payment mechanisms and new models of care are high on the system-wide agenda, but for any acute provider this is adding to the already difficult balancing act between in-year targets, running daily operations, workforce and financial challenges, and strategic planning.

How we can support you

Attain has a strong track record of working across the health sector to support its customers to respond to tactical, operational and in-year challenges, but also to design and deliver strategic responses to wider system challenges.

We have experience of working across the health sector, on different clinical and care priorities – working with individual organisations – but also across partner organisations.

Some of the services we provide are outlined below.

To address your immediate priorities:

  • Workforce – modelling, design and development
  • Demand modelling and management – demand and capacity modelling, scenario modelling, risk stratification
  • Cost base analysis
  • Service and pathway redesign – including analysis, business case development and delivery of transformation
  • Development of strategies for activity shift and outreach work by Acutes into the community
  • Development of clinical networks
  • CIP planning and delivery
  • Estate optimisation
  • Procurement and contract management

To address your strategic priorities:

  • Whole system strategy and leadership development, including brokering and facilitation
  • End to end population, activity and performance analysis (strategic planning to ACO delivery)
  • Whole system clinical model development
  • New payment models
  • Strategic workforce analysis and design
  • Strategic estate optimisation

Breaking the deadlock, start somewhere…

We are working with customers to support major strategic change, but also smaller more discrete change. We have worked with a number of customers to help them build momentum towards wider transformation by working with them on a discrete priority (linked to the local system’s priorities) – usually based around a condition, pathway or population group. Working with system partners on something tangible, clearly defined and measurable enables teams to come together and learn, test processes and systems, adapt and flex and build confidence, buy-in and capability to deliver more ambitious change over the longer-term.

Essentially, the wider or more discrete transformation needs to:

  • Be driven by clinical population need
  • Harness bottom up and local clinical and operational leadership and insight
  • Be founded on system partnership, to foster integrated and personalised care
  • Be based on the principles of accountable care – shared outcomes, budgets and risk
  • Support the development of a proportional evidence base for transformation
  • Build on the strengths of the system and its partners
  • Identify clear accountabilities and responsibilities
  • Be deliverable, manageable and measurable
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Strategic priorities model

Case studies

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