Attain’s Impact on Diagnostic Tests in England

Attain’s huge impact on diagnostic tests in England. 1 in 12 new diagnostic tests are in Community Diagnostic Centre facilities that Attain helped set up – from business case and design through to delivery. We have been the delivery partner to the NHS to ensure timely implementation that impacts patients and services alike. For example, […]

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Underpinning ambition with a strong PMO

The importance of having an effective Programme Management Office (PMO) has never been greater in the NHS;  having a robust PMO will help ensure that plans stay focussed on achieving true outcomes and delivering the required changes and benefits

Each PMO will operate depending on how they fit within the organisation and what their aims are.  There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all PMO, the PMO should be seen as an enabler for change and transformation. PMO operating models can differ in terms of the level of control taken over individual projects and the scope and scale of the portfolio being managed. Finding the right ‘fit’ will consider the programme requirements, the capability and capacity of teams, the level of control needed, will understand how the PMO needs to be strategically aligned with other portfolios of work and the governance structures in place to support them.

At Attain, we have collated all our learning and insights to be able to provide our clients with tailored solutions, providing support packages that fit within the organisational culture, that is aligned to the vision, and enables project teams to deliver measurable, repeatable, long terms benefits.  Our PMO solution has been utilised to provide support for specific programmes, portfolio management and implementing system-wide change.  Attain has increasingly provided support in establishing effective PMOs for many Systems, Places and Organisations.  Our approach is both realistic and proportional.

Our bespoke solutions are developed based on the needs of the organisation/ system and consider four areas that lead to improved capabilities for a PMO and organisational project management:


We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of any current set-up using our PMO Maturity Assessment tool, looking at domains such as: governance, risk management and outcomes management. Our diagnostic report will summarise findings and set out opportunities for development.


We will work with you to design a PMO operating model, drawing on our tried and tested toolkit, tailored to your organisational structure, objectives and culture. We will ensure this addresses all essential internal and external requirements and supports delivery.


We will implement, communicate and embed the new PMO model and methodology. We will focus on behaviours and culture as well as processes, working with staff at all levels to transfer knowledge, build confidence and ensure sustainability.


We can run your PMO function as a standalone offer or work alongside your team to provide additional capacity and capability. This can be time-limited to deliver a specified programme of work or on an ongoing basis.

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