Mark Carmichael

Managing Director

Mark Carmichael photoFor the past 13 years Mark has focused exclusively on working with the NHS; helping to transform care in a way that improves efficiency and benefits patients directly.

His recent work has included working across health and social care systems to develop sustainable models of care that meet people’s future needs. This has included ground-breaking programmes that have resulted in major changes in care economies – significant shifts in care activity and the implementation of Accountable Care models with capitated budgets and contract values of up to £285m.

Mark brings a deep understanding of implementing effective change; he personally leads Attain’s delivery in several geographies including two NHS England “Vanguard” sites.

Mark began his career in manufacturing industry with Honda and Unipart before moving into health firstly with KPMG and then Avail Consulting. He has been Attain’s Managing Director since our formation in January 2011.