Our staff reveal ‘Why Attain?’

Stuart Dryden staff photo

“Opportunities to work for organisations that are at the leading edge of health and social care reforms are rare. For me Attain is all about end point delivery and making real effectual changes so that people can receive the health and social care they need, in the right locations with the most beneficial interactions, in order to live better, longer and healthier lives … and with Attain I can be part of that.”

Stuart Dryden

Lucy Cole photo

“I was attracted to Attain because of the organisation’s values, blending the best of the public and commercial sectors. Since joining Attain, I have been struck by the fact that this is a genuine community in which people are united and bound by those values. We work at the heart of health and social care systems in partnership with our clients to really deliver change working with clinical colleagues on the frontline to the most senior strategic board level roles as well as direct engagement with patients, service users and carers. The wealth of knowledge, experience, skill, and network of support amongst the team is our biggest asset; there is always an ‘expert’ just a phone call away. You’ll be given new and stretching challenges, but always supported to succeed.”

Lucy Cole

Lynne Heald photo

“Working with Attain provides me with exactly the right working environment. I have a comfortable level of challenge in the type of work I am asked to do to ensure it remains interesting and invigorating. That balanced with having a tremendously supportive workforce (including senior leadership team) who have and maintain authentic values that fit with my personal value set makes this a brilliant organisation to work for and with.”

Lynne Heald

Charles Kirabo staff photo

“Attain is a friendly and welcoming company to work for. Innovation and personal development are encouraged. As an example, Attain supported my Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) studies. I love the variety my job offers. The opportunities created by Attain’s operating model enable me to feel that I am doing my bit in regards to helping people get the care they need.”

Charles Karibo

Kay Macann photo

“I joined Attain because I was looking for a new challenge after years of working in the local government and social care. After nearly two years I continue to be amazed by the skills and knowledge of my colleagues, their passion for the health/care sector and the supportive, value-based culture the company cultivates.”

Kat Macann

Renee Popplewell photo

“Working at Attain is both a pleasure and a privilege. Being surrounded by colleagues committed to transforming healthcare while remaining united in our values is something rare and very special. I am honoured to work with a group of professionals possessing such a wide range of skills and experience who continue to make valuable impact in the health sector. I take pride being part of the Operations team providing the support that my team needs as they continue to improve health and wellbeing in the UK.”

Renee Popplewell

John Ryan staff photo

“Attain is a great organisation to work for. It’s focus on delivery and value for money really fits with my view of how organisations  should work and I have been able to truly make a difference for our clients through this set of core values. I am supported to stretch myself and expand my professional boundaries whilst at the same time have excellent development and personal growth opportunities.”

John Ryan

Sarah Clark photo

“Joining Attain was the best move I ever made in my career, it’s great to be a part of such a vibrant organisation where everyone has the same common goal – to improve the lives of people. Before joining Attain I spent 12 years in the NHS and I never thought that the same attitude could be replicated in a private organisation, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. So, why Attain?  Because its sincere.”

Sarah Clark

Matt Fassihi photo

“Working at Attain is great opportunity to work across a range of interesting and challenging projects that are at the forefront of the health and care agenda and in particular, the opportunity to work alongside such experienced and skilled colleagues means that you’re well supported and always developing as a result.”

Matt Fassihi