Service Transformation – case studies

Our Service Transformation team works in partnership with CCGs, providers, and local authorities to transform health and social care economies and support the implementation of innovative new models of care.

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Programme support

Fylde Coast Vanguard


Following a successful engagement to deliver a project implementation plan for Extensive Care Services (ECS) and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) within and across all 10 Fylde Coast neighbourhoods, Attain were commissioned to provide programme support to the Fylde Coast Vanguard Programme to maintain momentum for delivery, provide programme and project management support and embed the governance structure surrounding the implementation of integrated out of hospital services and new models of care.

QIPP recovery plan

A North West CCG


Attain were commissioned to review a North West CCG’s QIPP programme…

System wide urgent care transformational programme: urgent care, further and faster

North of England


  • Programme plan to support UEC delivery of the right care, right time and right place, first time, every time.
  • Joining up the separate elements of the urgent and emergency care system using a ‘systems thinking approach’.
  • Maximising the opportunities presented by being a UEC Vanguard to shape & lead the UEC learning and opportunities and align with a county level sustainability and transformation plans
  • Connecting six acute hospitals, eleven CCG’s, three mental health trusts and wider partners.
  • Programme plan to support delivery of the Keogh route map through an UEC network
  • A programme to significantly improve health and social care outcomes across a county and shift the way in which services are delivered in line with emerging models of care.

Specialty pathway redesign

Essex Success Regime


The Mid and South Essex Success Regime is a programme to sustain services and improve care. The programme seeks to address clinical and financial sustainability of local hospitals by: increasing collaboration and service redesign across three sites; joining up community-based services: GPs, primary, community, mental health and social care – around defined localities or hubs; commissioning services on a wider scale; agreeing a consistent and common offer to focus on priorities and identify limits of NHS funding; developing a flexible workforce that can work across organisations and geographical boundaries; improving information, IT and shared access to care records.

Locality transformation plan

Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire


  • Support the development of the locality transformation plan for Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire, as a supporting plan beneath the Humber, Coast and Vale STP.
  • The locality plan, being one of three that sit below the HCV STP, and that is tasked to deliver the locality focused transformational change and approximately 75% of the financial challenge for the locality with the remaining 25% being delivered by the wider STP transformational changes.
  • Bringing together all stakeholders across the locality to identify the case for change, and developing the transformation plan to include the development of an accountable care system.

Healthy Futures project management office

West Yorkshire STP


  • System-wide stakeholder management bringing together 11 CCGs, six acute providers, three mental health providers and other stakeholders to be involved in sustainability and transformation plan (STP) planning for the region, more than 40 in total.
  • Formation of a governance and PMO structure which seeks input from all stakeholders yet remains agile enough to make timely decisions and drive forward transformational change.
  • Establish priority programmes of work for the region and support the mobilisation of delivery projects within each one.
  • Develop standard PMO documentation to be used across all priority programmes and projects.
  • Ensure timely submission of system-wide STP plans to NHS England.

New acute diabetes specialist model of care

An acute trust


Attain were re-commissioned following our initial clinical service review, to develop a new acute specialist service model for the delivery of specialist diabetes services…

Transforming Services Together

Waltham Forest, Newham and Tower Hamlets


Transforming Services Together (TST) was established in September 2014 to improve the local health and social care economy in Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest – in line with the challenges of theNHS Five Year Forward View, local and regional plans and guidance. The TST programme involves large-scale partnership working across three CCGs, Barts Health and local authorities to address challenges brought about by a rising population, staff shortages and variability in the quality of care, estates and infrastructure…

Community care hub

A North Yorkshire CCG


The integration agenda, whole-system pressures, requirement for five-year strategic planning, and continual drive for increasing quality and cost-effectiveness in health and care services, created a significant challenge for emerging Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

In 2014, we worked intensively with a CCG in North Yorkshire to create a sustainable improvement strategy for the local healthcare economy, whilst implementing PMO and operational support to deliver defined outcomes.

Hull 2020 programme – commercial strategy development



Attain were commissioned by NHS Hull CCG to develop the strategy for city-wide integration and manage the mobilisation of a transformational five year programme encompassing nine public sector partners. Hull 2020 Programme involved the city’s major health providers, the local authority, fire service, police and ambulance service. A core objective of the programme in Year 1, which commenced, in April 2014 was to develop a commercial strategy for the programme.

MSK Physiotherapy Services Review

A West Midlands CCG


The CCG client had significant concerns with regards to existing waiting times for MSK physiotherapy across the population. Waiting time delays were resulting in requests from providers for additional funding to support capacity and manage waiting lists. The CCG was concerned with regards to their lack of understanding of commissioned pathways for MSK physiotherapy due to historical commissioning arrangements. Attain was commissioned to complete a deep dive service review to enable a clear understanding of commissioned services, pathways and value for money whilst informing future commissioning intentions.

Prime Ministers Challenge Fund – Heartbeat Alliance

NHS North Yorkshire and Humber CSU


The Heartbeat Alliance was awarded 2.4m from the Prime Minister’s Challange Fund (PMCF) in 2014. This fund was established to support innovation in primary care and increase access to services. 20 pilot schemes were awarded funding in the first wave sharing 50m. Attain have supported the Heartbeat Alliance to realise their ambitions in the provision of increased access to GP services across seven days a week offering evening and weekend appointments.

Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures – a system-wide transformation programme

Northern Lincolnshire Health Community Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures


Attain has been supporting the Northern Lincolnshire Health Community Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures (HLHF) transformation programme since June 2013. HLHF is a review of all health and care services within Northern Lincolnshire, led by North Lincolnshire CCG and North East Lincolnshire CCG, to ensure services are safe and sustainable for the long term.

Urgent care quality improvement

An East Yorkshire Trust


Attain were commissioned as part of a Trust Development Authority (TDA) quality improvement team to provide rapid urgent care improvement support to a challenged East Yorkshire trust. The Trust urgent care performance had been significantly challenged with delivery of the 95% four hour A&E standard for a number of months. Attain provided service improvement, programme management and analytical support to the TDA team.

Development of integration model

NHS West London CCG


The vision of West London CCG is to have a transformed, sustainable and fully integrated health and social care system delivering improved health and well-being and raising the quality of life for the people who live in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster City Council and the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham.

In order to realise this vision, West London CCG is pioneering a whole systems approach to the delivery of care to its population.

Prime Ministers Challenge Fund – wave two assessment

NHS England


NHS England’s Central Team commissioned Attain in partnership with Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support (YHCS) to provide project management support in logging and assessing the PMCF Wave 2 applications. In addition to this secretariat support was requested across the programme.

Primary care infrastructure fund

NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG


East Riding of Yorkshire (ERY) CCG had identified a number of GP practices who were interested in submitting bids to the Primary Care Infrastructure Fund. They required support from Attain to assist and develop the bids working with GP practices. Seven practices were identified that required support. A team of three was assembled to support and deliver the work. We had 10 days to complete the bid submission.

Diabetes transformation programme

NHS Coventry and Rugby CCG


Attain has worked with Coventry and Rugby CCG to deliver the Diabetes Transformation Programme as a key commissioning intention for 2015/16. The Diabetes Transformation Programme was launched to improve care for patients in this area. Working with a number of local NHS trusts, the CCG’s aim has been to design, agree and implement a new integrated service model for diabetes care, to be in place from April 2015. This used a Prime Contractor New Model of Commissioning with UHCW Trust as lead provider.

Integrated out of hospital services – care closer to home

NHS North East Essex CCG


Throughout the past 12 months, Attain has supported the design, development, and implementation of North East Essex CCG’s ambitious ‘Care Closer to Home’ programme, which aims transform the delivery of out of hospital health and social care services across North East Essex for the next 7–10 years.

Acute Treatment Service – Chiltern Vale Locality

NHS Bedfordshire CCG


Four contracts were awarded across four locations within the locality from 01/11/14 to 31/03/16 with an option to extend for a further one year. There was a contract value of £120,000 to establish several community-based acute treatment services within Chiltern Vale locality. The key aim of the procurement was to reduce reliance on acute hospital services and provide a more comprehensive primary care service, closer to the patients’ homes. The key objective was to provide patients with access to high quality, effective and timely treatment for minor injuries that would otherwise have presented at an Accident & Emergency department of a local hospital.

Leading the development of improved continuing healthcare services

Northamptonshire CCGs


With an annual spend of some £34.8m, continuing healthcare services were delivered by 219 providers to 1,318 patients. The service was acknowledged to be unsatisfactory and the result was lengthened care pathways, with patients not receiving the right level of care and support at the right time.

Norfolk CCGs Integrated NHS 111 and Out of Hours Service Transformation

Norfolk CCGs


The programme managed the procurement, mobilisation and implementation of an innovative integrated NHS 111/OOH service across four CCGs and one LCG in Norfolk and Wisbech.

0–19 integrated public health nursing model project

Hull City Council

Hull City Council logo


Attain was commissioned by Hull City Council Public Health to provide a PMO function to develop the future service model and implementation approach for the procurement of a new 0–19 Integrated Public Health Nursing Service to commence the 1st April 2016, incorporating the mandatory requirements of the Healthy Child Programme (HCP).