Miral Sawjani talks to us about his first 30 days at Attain

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I joined Attain in August 2017, having spent the previous four years as a senior management accountant for a digital marketing firm with responsibility of analysing and reporting on key regional markets within Europe and Asia and providing insightful overviews on each segment strategic development and commercial progression.

I have predominately worked in various commercial sectors in my career. I am a qualified chartered accountant (FCCA) and an associate member of the association of business executives (ABE). My work lies primarily in process orientation, management accountancy and value driven activities that not only aids but also enhances key decision-making policies within an organisation. My work is underpinned by 15 years’ experience in the commercial sector where I worked close knit with different stakeholders providing and assisting in aiding commercial strategy and business development. I also possess extensive expertise in designing and developing quality control and environmental policies.

I’ve always had a passion and enthusiasm for the challenge of working in complex management structures and thrive in excelling in dynamic situations. During my spare time I enjoy observing wildlife, participating in community events and travelling the globe.

How have your first 30 days been at Attain?

The first thirty days went very fast! During this time, I had a fair few meets and greet with different colleagues, and getting a feel of the various projects that Attain has undertaken across the country towards enhancing the health sector and social well-being. I was assigned a Buddy on my first day, and she has been great as a go to person for any questions that I have, and to provide support. The welcome and support I’ve received from the team and my manager have made the whole experience very homely. In terms of work, it feels to me like I have joined Attain at a really exciting time and I am very excited and look forward to being an integral part of the company.

What attracted you to Attain?

From when I learned about Attain, I was impressed by the company’s ethos and impact the organisation is having in supporting the NHS to improve care. The testimonials, and case studies on the firm’s website highlighted this. Through the whole recruitment process, I could immediately see these values in play and how professional the staff are. Making an impact to a community’s social well-being and having an opportunity to be part of the framework that delivers this output was an immediate sell for me. Attain adopts all the benefits of a matrix organisation by encouraging and promoting personal development as well as looking to deliver to the highest of standards to its key clientele.

What’s the best thing about being employed with Attain?

The values that the company embraces and embodies in everything they do is very much in evidence. All members within the firm are very transparent, look towards your well-being and being integral in the community. Each individual I have met thus far has great knowledge, expertise and experience with a motivating and inspirational story to share. This openness creates an aura of a friendly working environment where all ideas and approaches are welcome. This embodiment sums up Attain perfectly.

What do you hope the future brings for you with Attain?

More of the same but also a chance to enhance my skills and grow. I have full confidence that the people, the leadership, the values and client projects Attain chooses will be both versatile and forward-looking. I look forward to being part of the journey and being part of the exciting opportunities, we enter. I am excited by my future with Attain.