Jon Hayes talks about his background and why he joined Attain

Jon Hayes photoTell us a little bit about yourself

I came to Attain after a very enjoyable career with the NHS spanning over 20 years. I’ve worked in hospitals, commissioning organisations and with regional teams, and now I’m really looking forward to supporting the NHS through significant transformational change as part of the Attain team.

How have your first 30 days been at Attain?

Busy! My first 30 days with Attain have flown by. I spent the first two days at the office in London, which was a great opportunity to get to know the operational team and meet the directors. Then I spent the rest of the week on a PRINCE2 course with a number of other recent Attain recruits. Then I went straight in to my first assignment with a CCG in the North of England. Like many parts of the NHS, this CCG is struggling to operate within its financial allocation and needs to make some hard commissioning decisions to bring escalating costs back into line. I’m supporting the CCG to develop its recovery plan and, through the establishment of a robust PMO, deliver a series of interdependent QIPP schemes. Although the scale of the challenge is big, we’re making good progress and it’s good to know that my contribution is making a difference.

What attracted you to Attain?

Attain stood out from the crowd because it works very much in partnership with the NHS and shares the same values with respect to improving health and wellbeing. Attain sees change programmes through from design to implementation; it doesn’t just write a glossy document and disappear. It has a very different approach to some of the larger consultancy firms, from my experience.

What’s the best thing about being employed with Attain?

Everyone at Attain has been wonderfully supportive and friendly. Attain is clearly a company that values its staff and we’re all very well looked after. Even though we may be working in different parts of the country and on different assignments, there are plenty of ways to keep in touch and share ideas through regular team meetings and Skype calls. As well as having a very supportive line manager, I, like all new recruits, have been paired up with a ‘buddy’. It’s great to have someone I can call to ask for a bit of informal advice, even if it’s just about how to fill in my timesheet!

What do you hope the future brings for you with Attain?

I think that working with Attain will give me a great opportunity to gain lots of valuable experience and develop new skills by working on a range of different assignments in difference health economies. I can’t think of any other job in the health and social care sector that would give me this level of variety and that’s really exciting. There’s a fantastic mix of people here too. Many are clinicians, but there are also strategists, analysts, procurement experts and also general managers like me. It’s a great multi-disciplinary team and we all learn from each other.