Gemma Self talks about her background and why she joined Attain

Gemma Self photoTell us a bit about yourself

I joined Attain in September 2016. I have experience in hospital and mental health operational management, commissioning and transformational programmes across the NHS. I am a former NHS Graduate Management Trainee and was also selected to attend an international symposium at Harvard Business School to study Value Based Healthcare.

I am driven by the prospect of developing a health system for the future which links at a community level to focus on prevention and the drivers of poor health.

How have your first 30 days been at Attain?

The first thirty days went very quickly! I spent time meeting colleagues and getting a feel for the different projects that Attain were involved with across the country. I supported the development of approaches and methodologies to respond to bids and requests for proposals. I also developed information to be used both internally and to support clients in creating outcome measures and digital solutions for integration.

What attracted you to Attain?

Attain has a strong value-driven approach which I very much aligned to and identify with. Furthermore, the focus on being a delivery partner and supporting clients to implement the changes they were seeking, demonstrated that Attain were driven by truly improving health.

What is the best thing about being employed by Attain?

I have welcomed the sense of comradery, positivity and equality across Attain. Everyone has such strong experience and interest and we all come together with the primary aim of delivering the best work we can.

What do you hope the future brings for you with Attain?

I hope to work on some challenging and exciting projects that are truly shaping the future of health in the UK. I also hope to continue to develop myself to with regards to advising and supporting organisations to develop collaborative approaches and deliver health services.