Contract Management

Attain’s Contract Management team have in depth experience in contracting within the NHS, for both acute services and those for out of hospital. We have a track record of working across the commissioner and provider landscape to negotiate and complete multiple contracts within local and national timescales. We build strategic relationships between providers and commissioners to deliver real step change for patients and meaningful outcomes for commissioners.

Our approach is based on robust negotiation, the development of contracts that enable performance management in a reasonable and fair way to deliver high quality and patient care. The NHS Contract is now considered the primary lever for managing the performance of all providers and is therefore essential to effective commissioning. Our approach to contracting can be summarised as evidence-based, accurate, transparent and collaborative.

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Our approach to contracting:


  • Detailed understanding of current national guidance to ensure that recommendations are negotiated into contracts and triangulated with other areas to drive best practice
  • A team of subject matter experts in NHS Commissioning with in-depth knowledge of the Commissioning Cycle, NHS Standard Contract and successful performance management tools
  • Experienced at managing activity and commissioning policies including best practice tariffs and development of improvements plans to ensure compliance and service improvements
  • Supporting delivery of patient choice through fair and proportional provider performance management
  • Organised and controlled administration of contracts including coordinating variations and changes, raising early warning queries, enforcing consequences of breach and awarding successful delivery (evidence based) of CQUIN Pre-Qualification requirements and CQUIN measures


  • Attain has a strong track record of establishing strong, productive relationships between commissioners and providers ensuring the best outcomes for patients
  • Open and positive approach to provider performance management encouraging candour and partnership work


  • Advanced negotiation skills to reach agreements that benefit the patient and endeavour to find the best solution for the health care economy
  • Development of robust contracts containing appropriate clauses and levers for performance management and improvement to benefit patient care
  • Development of robust and meaningful local KPIs and CQUIN measures in partnership with clinicians to encourage and track real improvement to patient care
  • Establish governance arrangements for contract management (collaborative and lead) with a whole system approach


Chris Walker, Director