Attain was commissioned by Thames Valley Cancer to:

Review diagnostic demand and capacity across five acute cancer providers and five CCGs, in pathology, radiology and endoscopy.

Establish the current diagnostics demand and gauge how much of this activity is cancer related.

Establish the current diagnostics capacity, including workforce, machines and physical space, in order to better identify Trust pressures or spare capacity.

Model future diagnostics demand over 5 years and model the associated capacity requirements.


What we did

Attain analysed multiple data sources and held in-depth interviews with local operational and management teams at each Trust and CCG to verify and contextualise the analysis and findings.

Each CCG and Trust radiology and endoscopy department were provided with a detailed demand and capacity report, including modelled future demand and recommendations for local performance improvement initiatives.

Findings were aggregated at the Cancer Alliance level, where opportunities for sharing good practice and maximisng the use of existing resources across the larger footprint were explored in detail.


Our Impact

Built a common understanding of diagnostic provision across the Acute Trust and private providers commissioned by CCGs

Optimised the utilisation of each Trust’s diagnostic capacity and performance through the comprehensive review of their performance, demand and capacity.

Improved system working across TVCA by creating a like-for-like comparison of each Trust and identifying fruitful opportunities to collaborate through shared capacity and learning.

Provided an ambitious plan for improving the management of demand and capacity across the Cancer Alliance,  to improve the system’s sustainability and continuity of care for patients.

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