Mental Health and Learning Disability

Attain has deep experience of delivering commissioning services in mental health and learning disabilities. We have used a whole system approach to the analysis of services and worked in partnership with clients to deliver commissioning strategies through service transformation and procurement solutions.

Whole System Diagnostics – we have assessed current Mental Health (MH) and Learning Disability (LD) services to map and understand the current landscape, model capacity and future demand for the full range of services. This enabled us to make recommendations for locally-based pathway redesign that focused on the health and well-being of the local population and transform local service provision and reduce the use of out of area service provision.

Commissioning Delivery and Procurement – we have delivered services to commissioners and providers to support them understand their provider market, create informed strategies to stimulate collaboration and competition, set realistic goals and implemented projects that bring strategies to life.

These projects have delivered tangible outcomes for our clients, including:

  • improved service quality for patients
  • more effective pathways which reduces length of stay and readmission rates for patients
  • care closer to home for patients
  • improved relationships with providers
  • improved evidence of clinical decision making
  • reduced costs through improving measurement of outcomes for patients and streamlining process

We have an excellent and experienced team to undertake programmes of work with you. Our knowledge and experience in mental health and learning disabilities transformation and delivery encompasses commercial skills, clinical and operational experience, policy interpretation and a deep understanding of current best practice. Our team is also very experienced in transferring skills to NHS customers whilst working with and alongside them. Our collective diverse skillset and experience enables a productive exchange of ideas to enhance the outcomes for patients and clients.

mental health and learning disability

Case study – Mental Health Rehabilitation

Attain employees led a project to develop and deploy an alternative and sustainable care pathway for psychiatric rehabilitation. Following a rigorous assessment of provider capability to meet the commissioner’s aspirations, which included the need to increase the profile of the patient group, improve quality of care and reduce the total cost of care, a public-private partnership was established with an independent sector provider.

The joint focus was to identify and transfer patients into a new programme centred on improving patient outcomes in shorter timescales and to demonstrate better value for money. The partnership introduced a new outcome-focused care pathway for an under-served patient group, enabling patients to return to community-based placements, in the shortest manageable timescale. The project delivered a new risk-sharing public-private sector partnership based on a pioneering price and rebate structure, reporting format and problem-solving protocol. Demonstrable cash releasing savings for NHS commissioners were in excess of £2m. Outcomes were also improved; 76% of patients were discharged to a lower-cost, lower-security community-based placement.