Continuing Healthcare

Attain has a track record of delivering commissioning services in Continuing Healthcare (CHC). We have supported clients to build comprehensive service development plans to transform services, achieving both efficiency and quality outcomes. This work was based on deep analysis of intelligence and evidence to understand spend, patient activity and demand and prioritise areas for service change, particularly the procurement interventions required. Ultimately, our work has provided road maps for continuous improvement over the longer-term for our commissioning customers.

Our commitment to service delivery and implementation leads to meaningful outcomes for patients and commissioners, including:

  • improved patient experience
  • greater transparency on costs and spend
  • reassurance on service levels
  • mature relationships between health and social care, to deliver to patients
  • improved evidence of clinical decision making
  • implementation of contractual standards to ensure optimum provider performance patient engagement that has improved user and carer involvement
  • improved quality monitoring through the implementation of a Quality Monitoring Tool

Our team offers a rare combination of skills and experience, including sound commercial skills, a proven track record of delivering successful commissioning and procurement interventions within continuing healthcare, and an extensive track record of delivering well-managed service improvement exercises. We have a proven ability to make a tangible impact in terms of both improving service quality and reducing cost.

continuing healthcare

Case Study: Service Transition & Improvement

Attain worked with five CCGs across South West London (SWL) to review existing CHC services and support the development of a new service across the region which was safely transitioned to the SWL CSU. The project delivered:

  • improved patient engagement processes
  • a full Transition & Improvement Plan for the health economy, setting a route map for current services to achieve a vision of excellence over a period of 18 months
  • improved whole system relationships
  • fully aligned patient pathways for eligibility assessments, Fast Track assessments and Appeals/Panels
  • a clear service specification for services with robust and up-to-date performance monitoring data / KPI’s
  • revised governance processes to ensure a robust framework with adequate assurance arrangements for quality and risk
  • brought the CCGs together to develop cohesive management and operational behavioural set that built on strengths and supported them in overcoming cultural differences and historic relationship challenges