Blair Robertson talks to us about his first 30 days at Attain

#How have your first 30 days been at Attain?

The timing of the Attain company away day fortuitously coincided with my start date, which gave me a fantastic opportunity to meet with most my team and the wider business. The solutions market place also meant that I could get a better understanding of the interesting work already in progress, that I could be involved in, and helped to spark ideas of where I could add most value based on my experience.

My first two days were spent in the office, taking care of admin, by day three I was out on site, getting to grips with an integration project. This builds on the successful development of a regional STP, supporting the clients to develop their plans for transactional and transformational redesign, to be delivered as an alliance. We have set up a matrix approach to delivery, which means that I am able to be involved in the short-term planning and implementation to deliver contractual requirements by October 2017, along with the longer-term development of children’s services across the region.

It has been a busy first 30 days, alongside client delivery, there has been numerous opportunities to work alongside colleagues and contribute to the continued development of Attain’s already impressive business model. This includes an offer to host NHS graduate management trainees and how we can ensure that their experience will provide them with knowledge and skills to take back into the health service; support to the learning and development process; and working on preventative models for improving wellbeing.

What do you hope the future brings for you with Attain?

The range of options that have opened up to me from the outset offer a wide and varied work plan. I am confident that I will be challenged and look forward to implementing the exciting opportunities I am involved in.