Attain’s customer Highly Commended in the Outstanding Procurement Initiative for the Public Finance Innovation Awards

Attain’s CCG customers across Essex were Highly Commended in the Outstanding Procurement Initiative for the Public Finance Innovation Awards. This was for their Collaborative Procurement Project with the three local authorities in Essex for integrating Children’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing Services across the area.

#Attain provided commercial advice and procurement delivery throughout the project, headed by Sarah Clark, which brought together CCG and local authority leads across Essex to commission an integrated Children’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service under a single contract.

The key to the success of this project was the integration with local providers. The new service has realised efficiencies across the ten commissioning organisations removing organisational barriers resulting in a truly integrated service for children and young people. Access into the service has increased by circa 40% without increasing the financial envelope and has focused on early interventions by liaising with schools and third sector providers.

Attain brought a wealth of experience in procurement planning and delivery, which assisted the Essex Commissioners to deliver an effective procurement project utilising a complex Competitive Dialogue process. Attain provided robust commercial support, procurement advice and quality assurance throughout the project which was sensitive to local organisational, political and social issues.

The children and young people of Essex were at the heart of this project and provided valuable input throughout the process, including playing a key role in the development of the specification and evaluation of bidder responses. This ensured that the winning bidder’s solution was the one most capable of meeting their needs.

Sarah was delighted with the success: “This was the first project of its kind to successfully bring together the ten commissioning organisations in Essex. The success of this project was down to all those stakeholders involved who worked incredibly hard and were truly passionate about improving services for the children and young people of Essex.”

Caroline Rassell, Accountable Officer for Mid Essex CCG said “The project itself was very complex, involving multiple commissioners with varying views. The process undertaken meant that we were able to achieve a service which meets the needs of patients across the entire County taking into account the various different starting positions of commissioners.”

Margaret Hathaway, Chief Finance Officer for Castle Point & Rochford CCG said “The support we received from the Attain team throughout this project was exceptional. They were proactive and able to clearly guide stakeholders of all levels of understanding through the process with ease.”

For more information on the project see the CAMHS case study or contact Chris Spark.