Attain:Insights – third issue – analysis and opinion, media coverage, research and intelligence, policy updates


Quarter 3, 2017

Attain InsightsWelcome to the third edition of Attain:Insights. Throughout 2017 Attain:Insights will offer a stream of relevant content, including pieces on analysis and opinion, media coverage, ours (and others’) latest research and intelligence, and policy updates.

In the changing landscape that makes up health and social care we are working with a range of partners to help them realise their digital vision, enabling them to understand and gain real tangible insight into their populations and help provide connections between services and providers to deliver real digital transformation that in turn supports advanced improvement and transformation at a service provision level.

In terms of new models of care and supporting partners to achieve real cost savings and improved services across health and care systems we continue to deliver with a range of provider and commissioner partners nationally. Current work programmes span emergency admissions challenges, realising tangible QIPP and CIP cash savings and delivering care through innovative, efficient and cost effective ways.

This edition contains news updates and insight in relation to the various programmes of work and policy changes including:

  • In focus – Digital
  • Our:Insight – Considering social value and a detailed look into Genomic medicine

We hope that you enjoy this edition of Attain:Insights and welcome feedback and suggestions to make this even more intuitive!