Attain:Insights – new for 2017 – analysis and opinion, media coverage, research and intelligence, policy updates


Quarter 1, 2017

Attain Insights

Welcome to the first edition of Attain:Insights, an evolution of our popular series of commercial updates. Throughout 2017 Attain:Insights will offer more and more relevant content, such as, analysis and opinion, media coverage, our latest research and intelligence, and policy updates.

We have many readers and take pride in always offering great content that is useful and actionable in the health and care leader’s world. This edition contains news updates and insight in relation to the various programmes of work and policy changes including:

  • The acute sector – in focus
  • New models of care
  • Integrated support and assurance process

In future editions we plan to provide deeper insights though our new In focus section into the development of accountable care, back office efficiencies, digital health and many other areas that we are currently working on with clients across the country.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of Attain:Insights and welcome your feedback and suggestions to make this even more insightful!