Attain welcomes new staff: March 2013

Attain has welcomed three new starters since January 2013. Here’s a brief introduction to each of them…

Kevin Edwards – Senior Manager

Kevin joined Attain in early 2013 as an experienced procurement professional with a successful track record of leading commercial projects in various procurement environments. Kevin is experienced in undertaking complex procurement exercises and has a proven ability to effectively engage, influence and ensure the commitment of stakeholders at all levels.

Kevin’s most recent projects include the outsourcing of Major Tourist attraction involving competitive dialogue and TUPE and the development of single provider for all Children’s Centres in Nottinghamshire. Whilst working with the NHS Kevin independently delivered in excess of £3m savings to NHS organisations.

Kevin states that he has found the experience of joining Attain “enlightening and refreshing, working in an environment that has managed to capture both the empathy of a public sector organisation alongside a commercially focused environment.” Over the past few months Kevin has had the opportunity to shape the services and solutions Attain offers, which he believes has made him feel valued as an individual and an integral part of the business and has provided him with the motivation to contribute to the wider conversation in developing business.

Garry Money – Senior Manager

Garry joined Attain with a wealth of experience in performance improvement and service redesign across both the public and private healthcare sector. He has provided leadership to a wide range of projects and programmes to support the development of practice based commissioning and delivery of local QIPP schemes and has experience of contract management across a range of providers.

Gary states his reason for joining Attain was “to be part of an exciting and vibrant new organisation that is committed to the core values of the NHS and focused on making a real difference to the quality of healthcare services.” Having worked in both the NHS and the private healthcare sector, Garry was looking for a new challenge and Attain attracted him with both their record of delivery, and the quality of their staff.

Having worked in the NHS for nearly 10 years, and also in private healthcare, Gary believes the biggest difference in working with Attain is the sheer quality of its staff due to the rigorous recruitment and selection process – both in terms of the diverse range of backgrounds and the record of delivery each person has in healthcare. Garry feels it is exciting to work with people of this high calibre and to receive such positive feedback from CCGs and CSUs, knowing that Attain are making such a tangible difference with our partnerships.

Gail Palmer – Manager

Gail is a Registered Nurse with over thirty years NHS experience. Her passion is embedded in primary care where she worked as a Specialist Nurse Practitioner for a number of years developing community based services.

Some of her most recent achievements are the delivery of a whole system redesign for End of Life Care, resulting in choice for preferred place of care and decreased hospital admissions, the procurement of a new GP practice providing 7 day care, the successful turnaround of a failing community Healthy Living Centre involving statutory, voluntary and private agencies and the creation of a Practice Nurse Development Programme that successfully trained hospital nurses to gain skills and experience in order to make the transition into general practice.

Gail states that she joined Attain in February 2013 because she believed that Attain presented opportunities to deliver a wide variety of projects, working with a diverse range of customers, whilst achieving the core value of improving patient care. Gail believes that working for Attain is “different due to the company focus being solely on the commissioning of services, with the explicit mission of improving patient care.” Gail feels that the Attain team are extremely supportive and that she feels valued for her contribution, making her time at work enjoyable and rewarding.