Attain to lead session on Post Election – Five Years Forward, What Now?

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Attain will be leading a session on the 24th June 2015 to present their views on the Five Year Forward View post-election.

On the 24th of June 2015 (AM) the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub will be hosting a session as part of the Commissioning Partner Agreement. The session will be led by Attain and will consider what now for the Five Year Forward View, post-election. The event will be held at the EOE CPHs offices Victoria House, Capital Park, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5XB.

Post-Election, Five Years Forward – What Now?

09:30 – Registration and coffee

10:00–12:00 – Presentation and QA

12:00 – Close and networking lunch

As the dust settles on the General Election, what impact will this have on Simon Stevens’ Five Year Forward View? There appears to be support for the Five Year Forward View across the political spectrum, will this remain the case now the new Government is in place?

Since the General Election there has been much speculation about how the new Government will realise the commitments made in their manifesto for an increase in spending (£8bn), an increase in savings (£22bn) to bridge the £30bn capacity gap by 2020. As well as achieving this, the Government’s election manifesto also promises seven day a week access to primary, community and hospital care, further integration and accountable, people-centred care. There has also been speculation about how the delivery of these commitments fits with the vision and priorities outlined by the Five Year Forward View. Whichever way we cut it, it is no small ‘to-do’ list.

Six weeks on, we are starting to see new elements of policy emerge, and are on the lookout for many more. With these come some big questions for the leaders of health and social care organisations, not least:

  • What is going to be expected of my organisation? When? How I am going to deliver?
  • How much local control will we have to shape our health and social care economy?
  • There is much to deliver and much to think about; how do I prioritise and focus the attention of my team and my organisation on the changes required of them?
  • How do I deliver business as usual and keep my eye on the horizon?
  • How quickly do we need to/want to deliver the ambitions of the Five Year Forward View?
  • What does all of this mean for the relationships I have built and need to build with my partner organisations?
  • How do we support our organisations to deliver unprecedented transformation?
  • What else might be coming down the line?

At the seminar on the 24th June we look forward to taking some time out of busy diaries to think about these questions. The agenda of the day will include space to think, discuss and plan, including:

  • Setting the scene
    – What does the new Government want to achieve?
    – The Five Year Forward view – where are we now?
    – Other policy developments and their potential implications
  • What does this mean for:
    – CCGs
    – Providers
    – Social care
  • What can I do to address the implications for me, my organisation and my local care economy?

The session will be led by Helen Pyecroft and Jeremy Budd from Attain. We very much look forward to seeing you on the 24th June for a lively, stimulating – and ultimately productive – morning.

Helen Pyecroft

Helen Pyecroft

Helen leads Attain’s Strategy & Commissioning Development team. Helen has worked across the CCG landscape to support clients with their vision and strategic road maps, engagement and co-design strategies, operating models and organisational structures, relationship and partnership working, capacity and capability and governance. Building on her experience of working across the public sector, Helen brings a fresh perspective, innovation and a deep understanding of the sector. Helen started her career as a civil servant and for fifteen years since has been a public sector management consultant. She won the Sunday Times Management Consultant of the Year award in 2007.

Jeremy Budd

Jeremy Budd

Jeremy is an Attain Associate Director. Jeremy has worked across all sectors of public and private healthcare over the last 25 years. Jeremy has deep expertise in working with organisations to co- design their strategies, deliver operational efficiencies and deliver change –  from the front line to the board room. Jeremy strongly believes that change is driven best by those who also have to deliver, whether that be directly to people or indirectly through the provision of excellent infrastructure services. Jeremy brings insight gained over many years working as a management consultant and as a Chartered Management Accountant. Jeremy also has an MBA from Imperial College London.