Attain leading on development of new models of care

Mark Carmichael, Managing Director of Attain, on the development of new care models…

“Attain is working within several systems around the country developing new models of care, working at a county wide level through to the level of a single GP Federation. Geographies include Yorkshire, London and Essex.

It is clear that each individual care economy will require a bespoke solution and whilst there will be some common elements, a single “blueprint” is not what is required. I believe that we are unique in possessing a comprehensive service offer with specialist and experienced teams that can support our customers across the wide and varied needs they may have, no matter how bespoke these may be. Our teams harness our joint organisational knowledge base and work together to ensure our customer’s needs are best served.

We have identified a number of key solution areas that we believe will be central to securing optimal value in healthcare service commissioning and delivery for the future, of which our ACO solution is one. This means we will be able to bring customers the most up to date knowledge, best-practice, learning and experience to deliver results at scale and pace in relation to ACO development.

This is a really exciting time for the health and care sector, clearly some significant challenges lie ahead, but there has never been a greater opportunity to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Please do feel free to contact me should you wish to learn more about the work we are doing to develop new models of care around the country.”

Mark Carmichael, Managing Director, Attain