Attain and NHS Vale of York CCG win Innovation Award at the Yorkshire and Humber HfMA annual conference

Lindsay Springall, Senior Manager at Attain, and NHS Vale of York CCG awarded the Innovation Award at the Yorkshire and Humber, HfMA annual conference in January 2017

NHS Vale of York CCG was given the award for innovation, associated with the CCG’s recently re-procured community equipment and wheelchair services. Lindsay Springall, Senior Manager at Attain, has been undertaking an embedded role working with NHS Vale of York on the CCG’s community services/out of hospital care agenda for the last two years. Part of Lindsay’s portfolio of work has included leading the procurement and mobilisation of new community equipment and wheelchair services on behalf of a number of CCGs and social care partners across North Yorkshire.

The HfMA award was won for innovation as part of the service procurement, facilitated by Lindsay, and also the innovative financial model which incentivises the recycling of community equipment, that the CCG’s finance team have applied to the community equipment element of the contract. Previous services were fragmented, lacking in clear outcomes, service standards and consistency, and could not demonstrate value for money; a new solution was needed. Lindsay supported the CCG and neighbouring commissioners in designing an appropriate service model with significant patient engagement undertaken in the design of new services. Lindsay led service re-design, the procurement process (with procurement expertise provided from Attain) and service mobilisation; offering an end-to-end solution for NHS Vale of York CCG and partners.

Michael Ash-McMahon, Deputy Chief Finance Officer, NHS Vale of York, commented:

“Lindsay’s approach to this project, both professionally and personally, was fundamental to its delivery. Her commitment, co-ordination and care delivered an innovative, cost effective and quality service for the population of North Yorkshire. Regardless of the award, this project would always have been held in high regard within the NHS Vale of York CCG, it was just great that Lindsay and the team was recognised by others as well.”