Angharad Boundford joins Attain team

Angharad Boundford talks to us about her background and why she joined Attain…

Angharad BoundfordI’ve been working for almost 10 years in local authorities and NHS functions, including successfully leading and delivering collaborative procurement and commissioning projects, focused mainly on adult social care. I have been able to gain a vast amount of experience in community services provision across both health and social care, ensuring the best service and outcomes are realised for end users.

When I’m not at work I enjoy running and yoga to keep fit and with any spare time I ensure I catch up and socialise with friends and family across the UK. I am a keen traveller and also like to get to any live music events and try and link these two together when possible.

My role within Attain is as a manager in the Service Transformation team in which I am looking forward to building upon my skills and experience, whilst also using any transferable skills across the wider business.


Since joining Attain it has felt like it has gone by extremely quickly, and I am amazed at how well settled into the organisation I feel already. The induction into Attain was one of the best I have experienced in terms of its structure and colleagues have been extremely welcoming and supportive. I was able to feel really productive really quickly which is motivating in itself. I am just completing my first assignment which was a review of new models of care that are being implemented nationally, this has been a great learning curve allowed me to build my network of contacts both inside and outside of the company.

One of the factors that attracted me to Attain was the opportunity to travel around the country working with a variety of different organisations and the experience engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders and sharing best practice. It is outstanding how well linked up and supported all staff members are with the teams and colleagues spread out across the county showing the true value Attain puts on staff wellbeing and everyone ones feels truly valued as a key part of the organisation. For example the last day of my first week was lucky enough to land on the annual Company Day, this gave an opportunity to meet the majority of colleagues in one day which consisted of training, team building and also a chance to socialise with the wider team.

As well as having the opportunity to work nationally, I was also attracted to the structure of Attain with it including all the necessary functions to completely deliver improvement and transformation for care and support. This allows for a really varied and satisfying long term career path within Attain.

Since joining Attain it is clear the values the company is based upon truly run throughout the delivery for customers and ultimately end users of services this dovetails so well with my own ethos of work and delivery which really allows me to do the best I can for the customer.

It is also such a privilege to be working with extremely dedicated and talented colleagues from a range of backgrounds.

I hope to continue to develop my existing skills and build new ones, I am about to begin my second project since joining Attain which will focus on skills from my procurement background which really demonstrates how Attain values and have a true understating of each colleague and their relevant skills, allowing you to work diversely across the business.