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Delivering integrated urgent care – the clinical advice service

Lynne Heald, Senior Manager at Attain, talks about delivering a clinical advice service as part of an integrated urgent care model In the second of a three part series on integrated urgent care, Lynne Heald from Attain considers the role of clinical advice services (CAS) to support effective decision making, the expected benefits to patients […]


The Naylor Review and the role of estate in NHS service transformation

Jackie Hadwen, Senior Manager at Attain talks about the Naylor Review and what this means for capital planning and service transformation. All too often we see estate as barrier to change instead of an enabler for change. This is naturally linked to the availability of capital. The constraints on NHS capital are well documented in […]


Making connections – integration through digital innovation

Gemma Self, Senior Manager at Attain talks about opportunities to support the delivery of integration through digital innovation Five opportunities to use digital solutions to integrate in health It is undeniable that the predominant agenda for health over the last ten years has been integration; with a macro-focus on organisational form, foundation trust assurance and […]


System leadership – part two

In part one of system leadership we previously covered what system leadership is within the context of the present NHS landscape and what qualities such a leader needs to embody and embolden across the health economies they lead. Attain continues to partner with several health and care systems and economies across England, supporting leaders and […]

Workforce planning model

Engaging our workforce

Jenny Briggs, Associate Director and Julie Frampton, Senior Manager talk about their experiences of workforce redesign and the challenges facing health and social care providers. Context: “I wouldn’t start from here!” There is an age old joke about a tourist that asks a “local” for directions and gets the response “well if I were you, […]

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